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Form and color for any needs


More then 10 types of colour

3d welding tecknology for logo can be of any design and can be applicated in big quantity. The product is interesting for any car make & model and is a unique way to keep the order in trunk of the car.

Elastic holder is provided in the largest size. For another product it is necessary to define the specification.

Tape with velcro which prevents moving

Stick to the surface of car carpet and make organizer practically immovable.

Strong hangers

You can take the organizer from the trunk of the car using convenient hangers for carrying. They are sewed and can hold up to 25 kg (for XXL model) and 20 kg (for L al XL models).


Using zippers helps you to fill in and
pull out all necessary stuff.

Special pocket for small stuff

Convenient pocket helps you to use fully the space of your trunk.

Custom elements

Size and colour of materials are not the only points
which make our products invidual.
We always reform and expand the range of fittings
we give all actual information about packaging in our offer.

Zipper colour and hangers for carrying
Logo flock
Logo carbon

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